MoscaPartners presents
PARALLEL 2021 – Design & Photography

Parallel 2021 comes from the opportunity to do an exhibition in collaboration with MIA – Milan Image Art Fair, a successful event followed by an international and sensitive audience.

The exhibition curated by MoscaPartners is an investigation into design and photography. Over the years there has been an ever increasing desire for independently produced work in the world of design. This trend is particularly evident among the younger generations who choose to explore their ideas through a range of traditional techniques that are closely tied to particular regions and to the know-how of specialist craftsmen.

Thanks to new technology designers can also create complex objects at a relatively low cost and often in complete autonomy. At the same time this technology allows us to truly appreciate the exemplary quality offered by our historic supply chain of master craftsmen that has grown in recent years with the increased demand for unique pieces, and limited editions of precious objects.

When Michele De Lucchi defines photography as “an act of design”, “a fundamental step in the creation process in both architecture and design“, he recognizes the intimate link that exists between design and photography, and this is precisely what Parallel 2021 wants to investigate. However, if for De Lucchi “taking pictures allows (…) to set a limit to a design” that otherwise “would never end”, in Parallel 2021 photography and design mark the opening words, the start of a reflection, an elective affinity on which to build the dialogue.

These are the considerations from which the desire to do this exhibition is born, turning the spotlight onto the work of a selection of international contemporary designers, limited editions, art-design and independently produced pieces as well as innovative research projects that focus on environmental sustainability and craftsmen that produce small series of the highest quality. These pieces will be presented in combination with the work of up and coming photographers selected with MIA Fair.

This first edition of Parallel builds a bridge towards the future, proposing itself as the first step in the direction of other contaminations.

PARALLEL 2021 – Design & Photography
MIA Fair
7-10 october 2021
Superstudio Maxi
Via Moncucco 35, Milan