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Accardi Buccheri (Medulum)

A journey through the ancient history of earth, to search the origin of earth’s surface creation. Most of the oceanic crust is made up of an incredibly resistant volcanic rock: basalt. This rock is generated by the rapid cooling of the lava flows, basalt is often visible in its columnar conformation, examples of columnar basalts are visible all over the world, spectacular formations with an artificial appearance.

Basalto is a collection of containers inspired by the sculptural ability of nature itself. The object is a monolith consisting of solid wood doors caracterized by vertical elements, with a triangular section and a massive wooden base. The interior, acid green in colour, amplifies the splendour of an object suspended in the metamorphosis between wood and rock.

Luca Casonato

A dark object with a strong materiality and a monolith-like shape dominates a primordial landscape and catches our attention. Its presence is as clear and evident as its implications remain obscure.
Its location and shape seem to indicate a connection between the earth and the sky above it.

It catalyses and reveals primordial forces whose origin we do not know.
Its enigmatic presence deeply questions us. Is the cosmos cause or chance? Is our life shaped only by our choices? Or are there also invisible forces that drive us?

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