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Antonio Aricò

“A Signurina” is a design manifesto that aims at a radical choice: to return to authenticity, concreteness and sustainability. The vernacular archetype of the country chair was redesigned by Antonio Aricò, a well-known industrial designer from Reggio Calabria, and created by MYOP.

The chair is made of wood, with a natural or hand-painted finish, the seat is woven with corn leaf, natural rope or PES HT ropes, the “wavy” wooden elements in three dimensions give the chair the “new gesture” of designer.

In Sicilian / Italian “A Signurina” is a woman who is not married yet. Beautiful in her own way, this chair is now ready to enter the imagination of a “Creole” design that unites north and south, the world of industrial design and the one of the most authentic craftsmanship.

Giacomo Giannini

Tribalismo di Culto is the shot created in 1993 by Giacomo Giannini which was included by Alessandro Mendini in the collection of the third edition of the Triennale Design Museum entitled “Quali Cose Siamo” in March 2010 at the Milan Triennale.

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