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Emmanuel Babled

THE LITTA VARIATIONS / 4th Movement – Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milano

In collaboration with: Babled Design

Digit Art Light Regular in Mirrored Sky Blue and White Lattimo is composed of 23 spheres of Murano´s hand-blown glass. Put together with the highest level of accuracy, they barely graze one another, highlighting the harmony and solidity of the whole. White spheres diffuse a soft light reflected by the coloured elements, resulting in joyful and celestial illumination. Digit exists in different sizes and colors, ceiling or standing versions. Limited editions of 12 + 2 PDA.
Quark Plexiglas Table 4 Elements Round, belongs to a series of low coffee tables that explores materials and production techniques creating unique monolith tables. Quark uses prime materials such as wood and marble, as other materials like Plexiglas, bronze and copper, challenging traditional methods of Italian craftsmanship and design. Limited editions of 7 + 2 PDA.

Photo credits Ruy Teixeira

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