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The company offers luxury catering with elaborate recipes, atmospheres with attention to detail, and a staff of young professionals who create a tailor-made service.

Circolo Filologico Milanese
Via Clerici, 10

The latest frontier in luxury catering: elaborate recipes, carefully created atmospheres and a specialised staff of young professionals comprise a tailor-made service for even the most demanding events. BM responds to the new requirements of the food world, meeting the needs of the most exclusive circles of the fashion and design industry with excellent quality, a team of young professionals and attention to detail. “BM wants to emphasize the atmosphere of an event,” says Jacopo, Creative Director. “During the planning phase, we treat the events as if each of them was a film, a performance whose main aim is to transmit a message”. In this way our offering translates into a completely customized service based on the requests of the client.

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