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Designer: Paolo Ulian

Circolo Filologico Milanese
Via Clerici, 10


The work of Bufalini is a veritable celebration of marble and through the Thinking in Marble project the company revisits and reinterprets traditional ways of processing the material.
The Drap series of vases, bowls and trays pushes waterjet cutting to the limit, creating a pleated profile that transforms what may have been a defect into a precious detail. The Stripes vases and lamps are made with the same technique combined with soft and extremely thin profiles in different sizes and types of marble. The Optical tapestries are made of small fragments of marble assembled like pieces of a puzzle to give new life and value to recycled materials. The installation is completed by the oriental aesthetic of the Trilite seat and washbasin whose play on convex and concave surfaces creates an optical illusion around the solidity of the structure.


After finishing his studies Paolo Ulian worked with Enzo Mari in Milan. Since 2000 he has won many awards for his work while also teaching in universities and design schools.

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