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Patricia Urquiola

Water Design 2015 – Castello Sforzesco, Milan

In collaboration with: Agape, Boffi, De Padova, Forme d’Acqua, Gaggenau, Mutina, Oikos – Colore e materia per l’architettura, Reggiani.
Technical Partners: Geberit, Green Italia Network, Kartell, Woodn.

Patricia Urquiola decided to interpret these two themes by creating a domestic installation where you can see the importance of the sustainability of the water’s use through a net of tubes and circuits. The latter, growing inside an indoor environment, is trying to increase the daily efforts impact on the environment. Patricia Urquiola created an installation where two domestic environments collide and use a bigger amount of water. The water flows through a kitchen and a bathroom in a circuit of use and reuse. This mechanism of reuse is possible thanks to a system of tubes. The tubes converge into two silos: one for drinking water- placed in the aqueduct and used for domestic areas- and the other for purified water. The method used to purify the water is a constructed wetland, a natural mechanism using plants which create a suitable habitat for the development of the bacterial flora- the protagonist of the biological depuration. The clean water starts its course in the main garden and, once completed its circuit, is depurated again through the constructed wetland in order to be used again. Waterfalls and nebulization represent the daily use of water creating a pleasure game between the furniture and domestic environment.

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