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Design Variations 2021

Creative Director: Catherine Urban

Design by: Michela Nardin, Giovanni Simionato,Martino Signoretto, Stefania Dei Rossi, Marta Cucchia, FDESTEEL

Atelier is the name of a co-creation project between Casarialto, a company that has worked in glass since 2008, and craftsmen chosen for their savoir-faire. Set up during the pandemic, this project aims to promote and finance collective creations in the name of quality, design and attention to detail. The uniqueness of the objects, as well as the talent of the craftsmen involved, is what makes Casarialto Atelier a project that aims to elevate craftsmanship to a new level.
Casarialto Atelier is comprised of six projects to date:
Michela Nardin, glass mosaic chairs and tables
Giovanni Simionato for Riflessi Veneziani, trays with mirror inlays
Martino Signoretto, Cotisso glass crafting
Stefania Dei Rossi, wooden boxes with designs and gold leaf
Marta Cucchia, runner and cushions made with antique looms combined with optical fiber
FDESTEEL, modular iron and glass table

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