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The company collaborates with top Chefs, Florists, Master Pastry Chefs and lifestyle brands to come up with the best choices in town, whether it’s a dinner invitation, family anniversary, holiday or gift

Circolo Filologico Milanese
Via Clerici, 10

Have you ever wondered what gift to bring when invited to a dinner, party or special occasion? Well, with its network of partnerships with the best chefs, florists, pastry chefs and lifestyle brands in the city, Cosaporto has the answer – after all, we all like to make a good impression with gifts that not only surprise but delight. Cosaporto offers all sorts of made-to-measure services to make gifting easier including the group gift option, delivery to the park, an address book for your nearest and dearest, a birthdays calendar and many more, not least the famous hand-written greetings card. With the same attention to detail, Cosaporto and its partners have also designed and developed corporate packages which include everything from company gifts, to refreshments and catering all coordinated by a manager dedicated to creating the perfect service for any requirement.

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