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Michele De Lucchi – Legno Cucito

The work Wood Sewing is made with a new technique that I have been experimenting with in my recent research. Sewing the pieces of wood leaves me free to work more intuitively, to treat the material in its original form and construct objects where the human sensitivity inherent in handmade things is evident. Sewing wood seems to be a counterintuitive idea, a mental attitude that challenges the established sense of things. Wood is a material that is usually glued, interlocked, inlaid and therefore presupposes mechanical processing to obtain perfectly matching surfaces. Instead, by sewing wood, or tying it together, I think in a completely different way. There is no need for geometric perfection; on the contrary, I can closely connect uneven parts, which have no points of contact, into a harmonious and solid composition. This small wooden architecture sewn with wire carries with it the imperfect aesthetic that reminds me of ancient buildings, built with craft techniques that will always express the happiness of making.

Giacomo Giannini

Tribalismo di Culto is the shot created in 1993 by Giacomo Giannini which was included by Alessandro Mendini in the collection of the third edition of the Triennale Design Museum entitled “Quali Cose Siamo” in March 2010 at the Milan Triennale.

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