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Vito Nesta

THE LITTA VARIATIONS / 4th Movement – Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milano

In collaboration with: Limonta

Telling stories is what Vito Nesta does best. The project for Limonta is not only an exhibition of the collection, but a sensory and emotional portrayal of the company’s heritage, one steeped in the world of textile and wallpaper, and more than a century in the making. Here at Litta Variations, a low-lit red-coloured room features a metal structure anchoring rolls of wallpaper decorated with showy tassels. The carousel encourages visitors to intuitively interact with the setting by pulling on the paper rolls, touching them, and observing them at close quarters. The wallpapers are a reinterpretation of 19th century Gobelin tapestries. Telling their history are three stands that form an altar of old books about tempera texture and pattern designs, protected by bell-form metal nets and hinting at the company’s own history.

Photo credits Ruy Teixeira

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