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School of Design, East China Normal University

Design Variations 2021

Design By: Hua Yuying, Wang Xin, Lin Peiyue, Dante Donegani, Tianshu Shi, Giovanni Lauda, Yu Bo, Feng Yi, Li Yuanjie, Li Cheng, Ni Yunfan, Guan Xinru, Song Jiayin, Zhou Haowei, Luo Kexin, Yu Liangliang, Feng Ruihua, Wei Zekai, Wu Yali,Yu Danying, Xiao Mei, Yuan Yuning, Gao Shenghan, Shi Tangran, Wang Yinong

The Symbiotic Planet – Symbiosis between Man and Nature, Man and Machine, East and West is the theme of the show presented by the School of Design of the East China Normal University.

Coordinated by Professor Dante Donegani, the students explore their surroundings and their own place in this symbiotic world. The students were given carte blanche for this exhibition and were encouraged to use whatever medium they wanted. The result is an eclectic show featuring fashion, video, installations and furniture design produced in collaboration with the Chinese company “Hanlin Furniture”.

Founded just 17 years ago ECNU’s School of Design is a young institute. The school believes in a humanistic approach and teaches its students about integrating design with nature, technology, and art, combining the idea of creative freedom with innovation and practicality. The students’ works have been displayed in a series of important exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale and Triennale in Milano, and have been shown in a number of cities around the world including Rome and New York. This exhibition is part of their debut at Milano Design Week.

(Wei Shaonong, curator)

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