Michele De Lucchi

Bologna Water Design 2013 – Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini, Bologna

In collaboration with: HI-MACS®

‘Landscapes, hills, mountains, lakes, valleys, gentle slopes … The imagination takes off, unhampered by reason. Wide awake and with all our mental faculties, we are on an adventure where we can decide ourselves what is going to happen, and with a simple motion of the mind erase anything we do not like or do not want to see or experience. That is the power of the imagination. Without it, the world would be without colour and existence. An uninteresting affair.’ Michele De Lucchi

‘In difesa dell’immaginazione’ (‘Homage to the Imagination’) is the visionary installation created by Michele de Lucchi for the exceptional ‘post-fair’ event Bologna Water Design 2013, which will bring to life the striking spaces of the former Bologna hospitals Ospedale dei Bastardini and La Maternità with projects and installations devoted entirely to water design. The exhibition will run from 23 to 28 September, at the same time as the International Exhibition of Ceramics Tiles and Bathroom Furnishings (CERSAIE). These historic buildings in the centre of Bologna will be temporarily transformed by the majestic Apennine landscape, which echoes the beauty of the Bolognese hills. HI-MACS®, the New Generation Natural Acrylic Stone, was the perfect answer for Michele De Lucchi’s stunning installation. This firm yet soft material, in brilliant Alpine White, moulds itself to form the gentle curves of the mountains, demonstrating the exceptionally pliable and versatile qualities of HI-MACS® for even the most ambitious projects. Indeed, its outstanding thermoformable properties and invisible joints mean that this new generation natural acrylic stone can be moulded to any idea imaginable. ‘In difesa dell’immaginazione’ is proof of the infinite potential of the extraordinary projects that can be created out of an innovative material with both high aesthetic appeal and guaranteed excellent performance. Bologna Water Design 2013 provides a stunning backdrop for discovering why HI-MACS® is the perfect choice both to ‘pay homage’ to the imagination and to bring it to life. ‘In difesa dell’immaginazione’ was produced by Specialist Centre and HI-MACS® Quality Club Member Lineoarredo by Stefano Bortolozzo.