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Swiss innovation: Introducing the patented WOGG 75 roller-shutter system and a brand new furniture collection WOGG 79


Design Variations 2021

Installation by: Gabriele + Oscar Buratti, Buratti Architetti

Design by: Christophe Marchand

The Swiss furniture brand WOGG presents its new collection featuring a bar cabinet, secretaire, wardrobe and sideboards designed by Christophe Marchand.
All of Marchand’s designs in this collection use the WOGG 75 system, invented by WOGG founder Willi Glaeser who has been refining roller-shutter systems for decades. The system is a newly patented guiding element with a flexible aluminium profile that ensures a space-saving, smooth-gliding and silent roller shutter. Thanks to its ingenious geometry, the roller shutter can follow various radii giving it the flexibility to become a one-of-a-kind object in every space.
WOGG creates furniture that stands out for its unique construction that draws on engineering knowledge and innovative materials.

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