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Raw-Edges and Formafantasma

The Litta Variations / Opus 5 – Palazzo Litta, Milan

In collaboration with: Japan Creative

Japan Creative is a non-profit organization that aims to bring the new concept of Japanese craftsmanship to the world at large. The organization believes that the country’s rich artisanal tradition has played a key role in developing that distinctive Japanese sense of beauty. Japan Creative organizes collaborative projects that connect local Japanese manufactures with internationally established designers. Each manufacturer uses unique types of technology, has innovative ideas or works with materials that are rooted in tradition or are specific to a particular region of the country. By concentrating on technology and materials, two important aspects of the future of production, Japan Creative aims to rediscover traditions while creating new values that are in tune with contemporary lifestyle.
In 2019, Japan Creative presents two of its latest projects: JC23 Conde House (wooden furniture) with Raw-Edges and JC24 Kiriyama Glass Works (laboratory glass) with Formafantasma.

photo credits Ruy Teixeira
Japan Creative
Japan Creative
Japan Creative
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