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Mircea Anghel

Design Variations 2021

Installation and Design by: Mircea Anghel

Lose Control is a sequence of crafted explosions resulting in a series of tables made of just two elements: a meticulously hand-carved wooden top and a conical metal base that has been, quite literally, blown up. Produced with ArtWorks, four different cone shapes in three different metallic materials were manipulated by controlled explosions. The production process and the inherent uncertainty of the outcome are key characteristics of the work. “We are not able to control anything except our attitude to life, and even that is uncontrollable sometimes” says Anghel. This work coincides with the designer’s move to a new studio, a 1000 m2 space in Herdade da Barrosinha with a vast outdoor area giving room for the exploration of new ideas and production techniques.

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