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Martinelli Venezia Studio

The Litta Variations / Opus 5 – Palazzo Litta, Milan

In collaboration with: Lithea
Design by: Martinelli Venezia Studio, Elena Salmistraro

The Mediterranean symbolizes exploration, discovery, understanding the unknown. It is a mixture of people, goods and trade but above all of culture. This sea has always been a meeting place, a crossroads, and thus a place of contamination and hybridization. It is a great stratification of skills and techniques, an extraordinary heritage to be celebrated and further enriched through new approaches, grafting the contemporary onto the traditional. Mediterranean Grafts is the title of the collection presented by the Sicilian company Lithea. It showcases a variety of works that are the result of collaborations with designers who have a special bond with the Mediterranean. The new pieces, destined for both the home and contract interiors, express different creative languages, interpreting inspirations and telling stories. In these designs the materials take centre stage, the natural and precious stone that Lithea works with such expertise thanks to its half a century of experience in the sector.

photo credits Ruy Teixeira
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