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Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini.Cose is the producer of the bronze miniature Monumentino da Casa by Alessandro Mendini, from the drawings Oggetti ad uso spirituale of 1972.

In 2017 Mendini writes about the editions of some of his historical objects: “If I look inside myself the sideral spaces of my mind, I see many of the objects I have designed in the course of the years pass by, approach, float away or disappear. Like stars, they develop their own trajectories and often recur, some get lost for ever and some others have more frequent and nearer orbits. Some never escape like meteors or comets, on the contrary, they are the cornerstones of my history. They are my planets, a recurring presence that I often try to investigate to better understand their essence, character and meaning. A sort a mythological game, the need to fix the uncertain and swinging mmovement of my mind around these points of safety. I have studied their substance and geography, I have tried to gain their aura and energy, thus giving them a new birth in the form of small and precise relics.”

Carlo Lavatori

This image of Monte San Vicino comes from a personal obsession with the silhouette of this peak that stands out in the landscape of the Apennines of the Marche hinterland, the region where I was born and raised.

Walking, cycling or driving in that region means being surprised by its unmistakable matrix at every turn, beyond every hill and around every corner.

Its 36 servings are a tribute to Hokusai and his 36 visions of Mount Fuji. Its chromatic elaboration is a research of mine, ambitiously linked to Cézanne’s Monte St. Victoire, still in progress and still in progress.

Its pairing with Alessandro Mendini’s Monumentino da casa is a symbolic metaphor and a tribute to the heavens…

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