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The company decorates the interiors of the Café with its fabrics characterized by a rigorous selection of natural and noble fibers.

Circolo Filologico Milanese
Via Clerici, 10

An innovator in weaving and fabrics edition for interior design, Métaphores is a celebrated brand, sister company of Hermès, belonging to its textile division. Métaphores, is famous for its rigorous selection of the finest natural fibres and its use of vibrant colours and refined finishes to create three product lines that express the quality and philosophy of the brand. Verel de Belval preserves the great tradition of silk furnishings while Le Crin, famous since 1787, is recognized as one of the world’s last workshops specialized in hand-woven horsehair. Métaphores fabrics are the result of a subtle alchemy between materials, history and actions that are expressed in the selection of fibres, the visual and tactile creativity and in the preservation of artisanal excellence.

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