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6-12 JUNE 2022

Design Variations 2022 is an event in witch COMPANIES, INSTITUTIONS, RESEARCHERS celebrate ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN and PROJECT culture. The same common thread runs inside two palaces: the Circolo Filologico Milanese, in the heart of the Brera district, and the Palazzo Visconti, near Piazza San Babila.

Moscapartners invites you to participate in an exhibition that becomes a path connecting  DESIGN and PROJECT CULTURE to the SOCIAL AND ACHITECTURAL HERITAGE OF THE CITY. A plurality of projects triggers a profound exchange between the exhibitions, the identity of the place that hosts them, creativity, and project innovations.


Artist Olimpia Zagnoli, author of the site-specific installation Cariatidi Contemporanee, will reinterpret the facades of the Circolo Filologico Milanese and Palazzo Visconti with the help of the 3M Architectural Finishes team, who will provide and install surface finishes.




Several firms will be participating at the Circolo Filologico, including:

The company altreforme will present Sissi and Otto, the novelties designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas that marry the themes of research, aesthetics and sustainability.

The installation by Assopiuma Associati expresses the values of tailoring, comfort, and sustainability. 

The installation, signed by Nicola Gallizia of Battilossi, recreates the magic of the throne room of Imperial China with its precious carpets.

Bufalini ‘s research celebrates and reinterprets traditional stone-cutting techniques.i 

Foris company conveys the importance of the light source as an object of light that enhances spaces and interior design choices.

The sculptures, made of textiles by Kawashima, represent the landscape of Kyoto.

Orografie‘s hybrid dimension of words, illustrations, and amphibious design objects tells the story of the “new rites of living”.

PdPigna‘s notebooks or diaries depict the evolution of the times through the interpretation of designers and artists working under Matteo Ragni’s creative direction.

Elena Salmistraro and Matteo Cibic enrich Scapin‘s New Atomic Age collection with new and innovative combinations of marble and polyurethane.

Sodai, with the TOTEM collection curated by Carlotta Fortuna, tells nature’s stories through the reinterpretation of the designer.

The M for Museum showcase explores new paths for Supermama objects while maintaining its values of beauty, simplicity, and inclusiveness. 

The suspended seat inspired by the carefreeness of spring and childhood memories designed by Sublimio.

The Thonet company displays the “Thonet Circle”, a representation of new products signed by international designers alongside the company’s iconic classics. 


The remake of the Caffè del Circolo Filologico Milanese, curated by Marialaura Irvine, was made possible through collaboration with important technical partners, including:

3M covers bar surfaces with its DI-NOC™ architectural films.

Foscarini illuminates the space with decorative lamps that, seductive when lit and surprise when turned off.

Fratelli Leonelli rethink the Café’s inner courtyard and, with their design, create modern and extremely natural green spaces. 

Matteo Brioni exploits the peculiarities of raw earth to enrich and characterize the walls of the Circolo Café.

Tarkett through the use of Linoleum Tarkett covers the floors of the Cafe with a natural and sustainable surface appreciated for its natural qualities, comfort and long life.

Thonet enriches the Café with world-famous seating, sofas and tables, creating spaces for meeting and socializing, as
in Vienna’s historic cafes.

Fangorosa decorates the Café space with their table vessels featuring Umbrian cotto, marble veining, concrete irregularities and the power of concrete.

Forma&Cemento, an Italian excellence in concrete craftsmanship, designs and manufactures furniture for both indoor and outdoor space.

Méthaphores decorates the interiors of the Café with fabrics made with a rigorous selection of natural and noble fibers, emphasized by vibrant colors and refined finishes

Three companies, food&beverage partners, will be present inside the Cafe del Circolo:

Cosaporto, which collaborates with top chefs, florists, Master Pastry Chefs and lifestyle brands to offer the best choices in town, whether it’s a dinner invitation, family anniversary, holiday or gift.

Brothering, a luxury catering with elaborate recipes, atmospheres with attention to detail and a staff of young professionals who create a tailor-made service.

Martesana Milano 1966 for over fifty years has contributed to writing the pages of the history of Italian haute patisserie by combining tradition and innovation.



Inside Palazzo Visconti several firms will promote their innovations:

Woak presents its new collection in a context where two centuries of production methods and craftsmanship collide. The contrast and symbiosis of the two styles creates a perfect backdrop for the new iconic and timeless pieces.

Centro Studi Poltronova presents three iconic pieces from the Tuscan company to testify to the importance of cultural contamination, the search for integration and continuity between different artistic manifestos.

The LcD Textile Edition collection is a limited edition composed of technical fibers reworked in a semi-crafted way. 

The Scuola di Design del Politecnico di Milano shows the results of the “Design is Diversity” workshop, which focuses on the theme of “Diversity” as an interpretation of the contemporary world.  

Mario Trimarchi Design, architect and designer, presents “Close to the Edge,” a balance between nature and design.

Inside Palazzo Visconti the food&beverage partner is:

Lumière Banqueting, through careful attention to details, wants to create the best in every shared moment.

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