Raffaella Mangiarotti, Ilkka Suppanen, Shane Schneck

THE LITTA VARIATIONS / 4th Movement – Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milano

In collaboration with: Manerba

Manerba presents an office landscape based on the idea of flexible and comfortable spaces, easy to re-organise according to people’s working needs. The products on show are: Apollo, a new green and sound-absorbing office system with accessories from Shane Schneck; the Undecided Collection, a system of comfortable and sound-absorbing sofas and armchairs designed by Raffaella Mangiarotti and Ilkka Suppanen; and the elegant and light Litta tables, desk and table system, also designed by Mangiarotti and Suppanen. Both the Undecided and Litta collections incorporate a long-lasting integrated battery for charging.

Photo credits Ruy Teixeira