Piero Lissoni

Bologna Water Design 2014 – Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini, Bologna

In collaboration with: Boffi, Lacasacontinua.

the Open kitchen is the answer to a specific market demand. Boffi has two indoor kitchens that can be adapted for the outdoors through a careful selection of suitable materials, but Open is a monobloc stainless steel kitchen, specifically engineered for external use. It consists in an open-faced structure with supporting sides that conceal the plant connections water, gas, and electrical fittings, double stainless steel round legs and a shelf in wired glass with a stainless steel frame. The set is completed with a bench table fitted with double shelves in wired glass and a stainless steel frame, used as a snack countertop or as a base for preparing food. Open offers all traditional kitchen functions and features only in fixed modules, as opposed to the rest of the Boffi range. Storage units can be chosen from the new Madia collection or from the other storage products in the Boffi range. The indoor version can host a dishwasher compartment in a stainless steel housing.

“An island working area, engineered for external use, Open is not a kitchen, it’s much more. It’s a machine, for preparing dinner, having a drink, listening to music, chatting with friends, cooking a meal or enjoying a good dish. The bodywork of this machine is in brushed stainless steel, natural woods and industrial-grade glass.” Piero Lissoni