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Superstudio Maxi
via Moncucco, 35 – Milan
7 – 10 October 2021
in collaboration with MIA Fair

Parallel 2021 is a new exhibition organized in collaboration with MIA – Milan Image Art Fair, an important event renowned for its receptive international audience. Curated by MoscaPartners, Parallel 2021 explores the relationship between design and

Over the years the design world has seen an ever-increasing interest in independent design, particularly among the younger generations who choose to explore their ideas through a range of traditional techniques that are closely tied to particular regions and to the know-how of specialist craftsmen

Thanks to new technology designers can also create complex objects at a relatively low cost and often in complete autonomy. At the same time this technology allows us to truly appreciate the exemplary quality offered by our historic supply chain of master craftsmen that has grown in recent years with the increased demand for unique pieces, and limited editions of precious objects.

When Michele De Lucchi refers to photography as “an act of design”, “a fundamental phase of the creative process in both architecture and design”, he is recognizing the intimate relationship between design and photography, which is exactly what Parallel 2021 means to explore. Nevertheless, if for De Lucchi “taking photographs (…) helps give a time limit to the design process” that would otherwise “never end”, in Parallel 2021 photography and design mark the beginning of an ongoing reflection, a mutual affinity that lays the foundations for open dialogue between disciplines.

These are the ideas that triggered Parallel 2021 and the desire to turn the spotlight onto the work of a selection of international contemporary designers, limited editions, art-design and independently produced pieces as well as innovative research projects that focus on environmental sustainability and craftsmen that produce small series of the highest quality. These works of design will be presented in an exhibition space alongside correlative works by a selection of talented photographers.

The exhibition features many designers, companies and photographers including: Antonio Aricò (design) with Giacomo Giannini (photography), Emmanuel Babled (glass design + photo project) with Valentina Zanobelli (photography), Michele De Lucchi (design) with Tom Vack (photography), FIBRA research | Adriana Fortunato and Caterina Fumagalli (design) with Ernesta Caviola and Ingrid Taro (photography), Paolo Giordano (design + photography), Alessandro Guerriero (design) with occhiomagico (photography), Hütte (by Raffaella Colutto) (design) with Sara Rossi (photography), Accardi Buccheri (art directors Medulum) (design) with Luca Casonato (photography), Alessandro Mendini (design) with Carlo Lavatori (photography), Franco Raggi (design) with Miro Zagnoli (photography), Mario Trimarchi (design) with Santi Caleca (photography).

This first edition of Parallel aims to build a bridge towards the future taking the first step towards a series of variations and exploratory projects.

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