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Design Variations 2021

Installation by: Studio Juju

Design by: Edwin Low – Biro – Gim Tok – Studio Juju – Niki Koh

Porcelain, plates and pants. These objects seemingly serve only everyday functions, but they also shape how we socialise at dinner, and our perceptions of the users and their cultures. Such invisible outcomes can create more value than the objects’ apparent attributes. Designers must, therefore, keep in mind how their creations interact with people and the larger society. Supermama believes that designers have a responsibility for the reactions and interactions that their creations cause and so it presents Social Wares, five collections that explore the role of the designer in the community, and on the positive influence that design can have on society. The show is curated by Studio Juju, and the designers featured are Edwin Low, Biro, Gim Tok, Studio Juju and Niki Koh.

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