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Ilkka Suppanen

A Matter of Perception: Tradition&Technology – Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milano

In collaboration with: Gallerie Maria Wettergren, Be&Liv

Ilkka Suppanen is presenting a small series of 3D-printed and laser-cut objects at Palazzo Litta, which are nonetheless very much made by hand. “It’s absolutely wonderful that 3D print-ing enables us to experiment prior to manufacture, to avoid ex-pensive moulds and enable the production of small series. But 3D-printed pieces still require a lot of craftsmanship because, after printing, you have to finish them. And on top of that, printing remains expensive”, says Suppanen, who is known to enjoy technology. “Indeed I’m a tech guy, but I always end up applying good old craftsmanship…” The three products he’s showing in the Grey Room at Litta – “which is actually a fab-ulous room full of gold!” – have required much polishing and assembling. Suppanen’s installation is not only a pleasure to view but also to smell, since his foldable flower vase comes complete with flowers that exude a rather strong scent.

One flower vase and Quartet candle holder / Be&Liv
Digitally cut, One flower vase and Quartet candleholder were created to be assembled and beautifully packaged. Sometimes one modest flower can say more than a whole bouquet. Ilkka is a mentor the founders of Be&Liv. Their aim is to bring the poetry back to everyday life with beautifully engineered interior design objects.

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