gino sarfatti

In 1939, Gino Sarfatti founded Arteluce and brought lighting into the 20th century with a resounding combination of innovative ideas and ground-breaking design. For many years, Arteluce was a creative meeting place for talented Italian architects, among them Vittoriano Viganò, who became a lifelong friend. Gino Sarfatti and Arteluce received numerous awards, including the Compasso d’Oro (1954 and 1955) and the Honorary Diploma of the Milan Triennale.
Originally, Gino Sarfatti studied to become an aeronautical engineer. Family circumstances com- pelled him to relocate to Milan, where an encounter with lighting design – an engineering project to transform a glass vase into a lamp – not only shaped the path of his own life but also turned out to have an immense influence on the evolution of Italian design practice. Gino Sarfatti is remembered as a visionary entrepreneur and pioneer of Italian lighting design.
Throughout his career, Gino Sarfatti was committed to exploring new materials, product typologies and lighting sources as well as artisanal techniques, leading to the creation of more than 600 lumi- naires in his name. His hybrid talent as a designer and engineer enabled him to create sophisticated state-of-the-art lighting with regard to both function and aesthetics. The extraordinary ‘Model 2097’ suspension luminaire from 1958 is one of his most celebrated designs.
In late 1973, Gino Sarfatti decided to sell Arteluce to Flos and retired to his house on Lake Como where he passed away in 1985. His design and significance, however, remain vibrant, upheld by de- sign connoisseurs, private collectors and museums worldwide and now also revived by his grandson Alessandro Sarfatti and Flos in the new capsule collection ‘Flos with Sarfatti’.

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