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Daniel Rybakken

A Matter of Perception: Tradition&Technology – Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milano

In collaboration with: J.Hill’s Standard

The strong motivating force in setting up J. HILL’s Standard was to help preserve glass making skills in Waterford, Ireland. We are invested in our role as a cultural project with a wider commitment to the community of glass makers and to re-establishing the region as a centre for glass making excellence where glass makers, designers and can make, learn and exchange knowledge. J.HILL’s Standard creates both functional pieces which are usable and accessible and ‘free’ pieces which actively explore new approaches to the making and enjoyment of glass. We work with the skills that remain in the area and build on those through exposure to new making challenges and collaborations with other glass houses. Our first Free piece has been created by Daniel Rybakken (‘Light guru and master of the new model minimalism’. Wallpaper Top 20 under 40 Design stars of tomorrow) . The Secant Mobile moves in counter poise and is constructed from crystal glass discs, anodized aluminium and rope toshow the strength, utility and refractive qualities of the glass used in a way that both builds on and usurps the tradition. It is lit from a single point above and functions both as an installation and light piece. The crystal disc communicates something pure, fragile and elevated in value, whilst the machined metal parts and the pulley communicate something industrial. Using the Secant Mobile and crystal discs as a point of departure Daniel has designed three lights – wall, floor and table. Restrained and minimal, this modular design allows crystal glass to be appreciated without any overbearing interventions.

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