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Designer: Carlotta Fortuna

Circolo Filologico Milanese
Via Clerici, 10


With the TOTEM collection Carlotta Fortuna tells us about her relationship with nature. Her work is characterized by a particular approach to colour and the expressive harmony of her subjects. Carlotta is influenced by many genres, from the typical balance and simplicity of oriental culture, to forms and scenarios with a Nordic touch. This leads to the creation of fantastic stories of flower gardens and fabulous creatures capable of blending effortlessly with the environments of everyday life. The 4 different coloured surfaces that seem like recycled paper become the settings for Carlotta’s magical stories. TOTEM is an extensive collection, thanks to the selection of materials it is developed on: SODAISLAB, SODAINATURA and SODAIMOSAICO.


Carlotta Fortuna is an architect and surface designer. She works on a number of decorative surfaces and collaborates with different design and fashion brands.

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