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Designer: Supermama team

Circolo Filologico Milanese
Via Clerici, 10


The M for Museum showcase explores new pathways for Supermama objects while retaining our values of beauty, simplicity and inclusivity. Whether in reimagining a staid icon or fusing the physical and digital, we seek to create new ways for objects to fuse the hearts of many into one — for many years to come.
Every community is made up of stories, myths and legends in which objects hold the power to connect generations, cultures and more. As we contemplate the future, how will a simple object retain its ability to connect people? It may appear the same, but perhaps its unseen qualities will be different with new approaches to design or innovative manufacturing processes. In the past year, we have challenged ourselves to adopting fresh ways of thinking, dreaming and creating. 


Supermama’s eclectic cast ranges from reality-shifting digital designers, to artists with disabilities to up-and-coming illustrators with an exhibition that captures the next generation of Singaporean creatives.

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