Bologna Water Design 2013 – Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini, Bologna

In collaboration with: Ciicai.

The event, created on the occasion of Bologna Water Design 2013, will be presented from 23rd to 28th September inside the fascinating spaces of the ex-Hospital Bastardini, in Bologna city center. TAILOR MADE BATHROOM draws a parallel between tailoring and bathroom design. A striking setting receives the visitors and brings them to a tailor’s studio where they don’t find fabrics and yarns but washbasins, bath tubs, shower trays and tapware. Looking from a privileged and exclusive corner each one will be able to enjoy his own image mirrored on the surrounding exhibition. Emotions become personal and unique like those everyone can experience in his own bathroom intimacy. The uniqueness of a tailor-made dress defines the silhouette and suits perfectly to your body, nature and personality. Tailor creates a garment able to satisfy the customer’s personal style, to make him feel comfortable. Wearing custom-tailored dress means that our tailor knows us and he’s able to understand what we want. CIICAI wants to know the customer in order to give him exclusive attentions and tailored services, to realise the dreams of a bathroom reflecting his personal style. To do this CIICAI takes advantage of excellence partnerships with companies like Rexa Design, Duravit, Nic Design, Fantini Rubinetti, 14oraitaliana, Wall & Decò, Lineabeta.