Kristiina Lassus and Samuli Naamanka

THE LITTA VARIATIONS / 4th Movement – Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milano

Together – Rugs Kristiina Lassus and Naamanka Finland

Palazzo Litta sees the launch of the Clash 300 chairs designed by Samuli Naamanka for NAAMANKA. The Clash chair collection is made without any visible screws or welded joints, its base and seat assembled by ‘clashing’ them together, hence the name. NAAMANKA is a Finnish company founded in 2017. Making furniture suitable for public spaces and home interiors, its aesthetics, materials and means of construction embody Finnish design: simple and functional.

Reflecting her understated Nordic style, Kristiina Lassus presents new designs for her artisan rug collection. The ancient tradition of hand-knotting rests at the heart of Lassus’ timeless designs. Hand-spun and hand-dyed Tibetan wools and Chinese silks are painstakingly hand-knotted by Tibetan craftspeople in Nepal. Seeking to maintain the traditions and heritage of the weavers, production is grounded in principles of ecology and ethical labour.

Photo credits Ruy Teixeira