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Mario Trimarchi

Sometimes the certainties waver, so it is better to surround ourselves with objects that can worthily accompany us towards the catastrophe.

To better understand the present, I designed Terrae Motus, a small collection of unstable geometries, objects stopped at the moment when everything is about to collapse and will never return as before: the pillars give way, the structures recline on themselves, fragments of architecture abandon themselves to the unpredictable and lean almost gently on each other.

It is frightening to contemplate in slow-motion the world that suddenly ruins, but from here a subversive hope could arise as an unexpected chance to intervene quickly to save it and save us.

Do you want to see that in the end with a formidable leap maybe we will be able to get by?

Santi Caleca

The Albero di Robert Mallett-Stevens (1984) is a tribute to the work of Mallet-Stevens, made of iron by Dino Gavina and photographed in the town of Calusco d’Adda. The Altare della buona fortuna (1984) is a sculpture from Dino Gavina’s “Paradiso Terrestre” collection, photographed in the Indro Montanelli gardens in Milan.

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