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Garcia Cumini

A Matter of Perception: Tradition&Technology – Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milano

In collaboration with: Cesar Arredamenti

Cesar, a long-standing Italian company established in 1969, now globally acknowledged and appreciated for its ongoing research into the new expressive languages better able to interpret the project, the textures and the unique world pertaining to kitchens, chooses Garcia Cumini to interpret the third edition of “A matter of Perception” in luxurious Palazzo Litta. Through “Unit. Digital Recipes” the creative Italian-Spanish duo interprets the most traditional and altruistic of culinary moments, i.e. food preparation. A contemporary audio-visual language, a choreography of images and an array of sounds by which Unit, the new kitchen designed for Cesar by Garcia Cumini, interprets and synthetically embodies technology and tradition while becoming the stage for a moving lyrical and contemporary performance.

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