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Belgium is Design

A Matter of Perception: Linking Minds – Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milano

Belgium Is Design asked designers to select the companies they wanted to collaborate with. The reasons for their choices range from affinity and continuity to curiosity. Curated by Siegrid Demyttenaere and DAMN° magazine, the result is two beautiful rooms under the title Belgitude. This title is a simple declaration of pride in diversity: different historical roots, different languages, different backgrounds, and different skills and industrial specialties. Fearless to innovate, or to open up new horizons, or to mix identities. This is Belgium. Belgitude is about exchanging know-how, collaborative excellence and friendly dialogues, but most of all, it is about local production, and definitely, about time. The time that is behind creation is both fast and slow. Six months to design and build an object is a remarkably short span. Parallel to this, a slower dimension lies equally with the ability of each selected company to produce long-term and enduring products, but also in the nature of the collaboration between designers that deeply understand the skills and limits to overcome. Displayed on white surfaces of different materials by the Brussels-based architecture studio V+, each object becomes part of the Belgian landscape. Made of a variety of textures and scales, typologies and orientations, this multitude tells us about industry, art and craftsmanship, whether products, prototypes or one-offs. Belgium’s renowned openness invites you behind-the-scenes of its legendary creativity.

Projects by:
atelier lachaert dhanis × Art Casting
Nicolas Bovesse × Keramis
Jean-François D’Or × Maison Vervloet
Benoît Deneufbourg × Cruso
Nathalie Dewez × Val Saint Lambert
Jan & Randoald × Labt
Laend × valerie_traan
Xavier Lust × Charles Schambourg by Nacarat
Muller Van Severen × Emaillerie Belge
Julien Renault × Kewlox

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