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Meeting with Mario Cucinella – architect, Fabio Lenci – industrial designer and Roberto Palomba – architect and designer.
Moderator: Valerio Castelli

After the war, only 3 out of ten households had a bathroom in the house, the remaining used shared bathrooms, while the kitchen was a space of results in many buildings of the time.
If today we browse a magazine of architecture or furniture we see how these two domestic environments have changed dramatically if not their primary function, however the concept and its dedicated space. This evolution comes out from projects of architecture and design which designed the kitchen as it was an extension that integrates and incorporates in the living space. The bathroom instead has become a place of well-being with spaces dedicated to home gyms, mini swimming pools with whirlpool, chromotherapy showers and washbasins with shapes and different materials, to faucets that now, thanks to a new focus to the waste of resources, flow less than 12 liters of water per minute with the same efficiency and usability request.
The meeting is dedicated to architects and designers of different generations who have contributed to the transformation of these domestic spaces also changing the social status of users. Today a young man can not imagine the bathroom space outside, as was normal in tenements, but this was the way, the tub in the bedroom to the current home spa.

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