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Design Variations 2020

Design Variations 2020 – News #13/2019 – The Board

Design Variations 2020
21-26 April 2020

The project ideally and physically recomposes the entire palace to lead the visitor through this
collective exhibition
: Design Variations 2020 is the perfect stage for contemporary design.


The Board, composed of Caterina Mosca, Valerio Castelli, Walter Bettens, Piero Gandini and Pezo von Ellrichshausen is already working to select the architect who will design the installation in the Main Courtyard for the next edition.
As of 2019 every year the architect who designs the installation in the Main Courtyard will become part of the Board that chooses the protagonist of the next edition giving continuity to the whole process in a sort of imaginary relay race.

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