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Design Variations 2021: focus on Babled Edition, Supermama

The voyage of discovery of leaders in the design and planning world who have chosen to participate in Design Variations 2021 continues. The event managed by MoscaPartners takes place from September 4th to 10th, for the occasion of Milano Design Week.

Guests of the splendid venue of Palazzo Litta are Babled Edition, a Lisbon based design studio that collaborates with the best European and international artisans, sharing its stylistic vision, and Supermama, a company founded in Singapore and among the most interesting in the international porcelain and ceramics sector.


The Design Journeys: Matters from Murano and Zanzibar project bridges the gap between two very distant realities: the islands of Murano and Zanzibar. Emmanuel Babled collaborates in loco with maestro Andrea Zilio in the creation of Azoici, a series of unique blown glass pieces that seem to have emerged from a volcanic eruption. Whereas in Zanzibar, it’s all about the production of traditional chairs by the Jisamwe community, using locally foraged branches and skin. Both collaborations are the expression of Babled’s conviction that design is not about making objects, but rather about sharing experiences.


The Social Wares project interprets objects that appear simple but that are essential to our daily lives in an anthropological point of view: plates, porcelain and clothes characterise our first presence at the table and constitute the first moment of contact between people and culture. Supermama focuses its attention on these products, in the belief that the designer must create something useful to society: the installation is curated by Studio Juju and presents the works of designers Edwin Low, Biro, Gim Tok, Studio Juju and Niki Koh.

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