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Ecnu E Dejana Kabiljo

Design Variations 2021: focus on East China Normal University, Dejana Kabiljo

Design Variations 2021, by MoscaPartners, takes place from September 4 to 10 for the occasion of Milan Design Week. Important leaders of the design and planning world who will animate Palazzo Litta have accepted the invitation.

We’ll discover two new participants in this appointment: the ECNU School of Design (East China Normal University), university institution founded in 2004 in Shanghai, and Dejana Kabiljo, artist, designer and architect active in Vienna.


The Symbiotic Planet project of the ECNU School of Design suggests interdisciplinary connections between concepts: man and nature, man and machine, east and west. The School, in fact, bases its instruction on a fusion of the technical and humanistic spheres, on creativity and material application. Student participants, coordinated by Professor Dante Donegani, have interpreted the interactions with their environment, giving life to fashion, furnishing and video-installation objects.

dejana kabiljo

The Buildings, Sugarcubes project by Dejana Kabiljo is the fruit of reflection on the driven development of the real estate world: sugar – the material making up the installation – recalls the sweetness, a stereotypical female characteristic, which is also a source of raw energy, sustenance for that muscular and masculine power that Dejana Kabiljo’s wall constructs. Two colliding interpretations that decry the greediness of the real estate and capitalist world and dissemble their promises in an unsettling way.

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