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Edelgrund E Mircea

Design Variations 2021: focus on Edelgrund, Mircea Anghel

To mark Milano Design Week, scheduled to run from 4 to 10 September, MoscaPartners are presenting the exhibition Design Variations 2021 which, as in the previous years’ editions, gathers together the protagonists of the design world, from important brands to universities and small-scale auteurs of unique artefacts.

Today’s appointment introduces us to the first two participants who will interpret the main floor of Palazzo Litta: Edelgrund, a German firm which produces kilim rugs, typical of the geographical area comprised between the Balkans and Pakistan, and Mircea Anghel, an internationally renowned designer headquartered in Portugal, specialized in wood modelling whose work is poised between modern processes and ancient techniques.

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The Edelgrund Forest project, conceived by Paolo Giordano and Ouwen Mori, leads us to explore kilim rugs in a way that is most original, through evocative visual and tactile experiences. In this way, visitors can come to terms with the authors’ way of interpreting craftsmanship, which employs carded wool and vegetable dyes, with an approach that is totally sustainable.

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With his Lose Control project, designer Mircea Anghel testifies to uncertainty as being an intrinsic part of reality, of individual choices and personalities. The exhibition displays a series of tables, consisting of just two pieces: the first of these is accurately finished and carved in wood, while the other is a cone of metallic material that has been made to explode. As in everyday life, the end-result of an artistic process is also quite unforeseeable.

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