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Design Variations 2021: focus on Fangorosa, Foris, Rubinacci Napoli

Design Variations 2021 is the international exhibition curated by MoscaPartners: a true centripetal force, scheduled from September 4th to 10th during the Milano Design Week, that will gather the most interesting creative voices in the design world.

Entering the first floor of Palazzo Litta, we discover three Italian brands united in a choral project that offers itself as an example of the ability to dialogue with different elements and disciplines: Fangorosa, e-commerce focused on the search for the best craftsmanship of Italian surfaces; Foris, lighting brand with particular attention to the charm of art and architecture; Rubinacci Napoli, company producing furnishing elements and expert in the working of solid hardwood.

fangorosa foris rubinacci napoli

The Subtraction project, curated by architect Paolo Volpato, is set up as a single exhibition space in which the products of the three brands combine, generating a new depth of meaning. In a vertically oriented movement, the exhibition begins from three staggered horizontal panels on which the three Fangorosa surfaces – in Sicilian cement, Umbrian terracotta and variegated terracotta – are presented in the new form of a sculptural element.

From there, the gaze rises and finds the luminous Foris bodies of the Stile collection, whose lines are the most essential abstractions of the profiles of windows typical to Venetian architecture. Their light falls delicately on the Rubinacci Napoli furnishings. The Neapolitan company presents four products – a mirror, a coffee table, a moveable container and a chaise longue – able to glorify the experience in crafting of hardwood and carry forward collaborations of the brand with numerous design studios. The chorus of the elements finds its final elevation as a grouping, celebrating unity and synergy of the space and its furnishings.

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