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Design Variations 2021: focus on Orografie, Codega

Curated by MoscaPartners and on view at Palazzo Litta between September 4-10 during Milan Design Week, Design Variations 2021 brings together architects, artists, and institutions who share a passion for design and design culture.

Exploring the rooms that make up the piano nobile of the palace, the journey begins with the young brand Orografie whose forward-looking work is at a midpoint between innovation and functionality. Meanwhile, the Italian lighting brand Codega presents a preview of a new series of items.


Orografie designs by following and trying to anticipate the new in an attempt to establish new behaviors and routine rituals. The synergy between designer and artisan creates objects that are capable of representing and fulfilling new functions previously nonexistent but now rendered essential. For Milan Design Week 2021, Orografie will be presenting fifteen projects by fifteen designers including Francesco Faccin, Lanzavecchia+Wai, Martinelli Venezia, and Elena Salmistraro, all ready to demonstrate that unfamiliar images and objects can immediately become familiar.

The project Lampade di scopo [Lamps of Purpose] features Codega’s new collection Serena, a series of multifunctional indoor lamps designed to enhance human wellbeing by the design duo Consuline — the designers behind the “Monza Method”. The floor and table lamps not only illuminate, but also discreetly sanitize their surroundings; a collection of smart lamps with soothing shapes that draw on the collective imagination which transport from post-war rubble and wreckage to rebirth, then towards these post-pandemic times, and perhaps even to Hemingway’s living room.


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