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Design Variations 2021: focus on Scapin Collezioni, Korea Craft & Design Foundation

Our journey of discovery, curated by MoscaPartners, will be unveiled at Design Variations 2021. The project brings together the leaders of the design and planning world and will take place during Milano Design Week from September 4th -10th.

The main floor of Palazzo Litta hosts Scapin Collezioni, an Italian brand known for its outstanding craftsmanship, use of innovative materials and cutting edge technologies and Korea Craft and Design Foundation (KCDF), a public institution whose research is located at the intersection between craftsmanship, design and traditional culture.

scapin collezioni

The About to land project by Scapin Collezioni features the collaboration of designers Elena Salmistraro and Matteo Cibic. The vision of the two designers reflected in the sophistication of Scapin craftsmanship gives birth to tables, seating, coat-hangers and other furnishings. The setting curated by Studio MILO embraces the shared vision that seems to break every rule of hues and futuristic forms in a flow of pure creativity.

The All about attitude project by KCDF seeks to suggest a disconnect from the idea that craftsmanship is practised by humans for other humans. The path of the exhibition, which develops through three rooms, highlights the equal relationship that exists between craftspeople, the materials and the environment, seen as a single space for sharing. The objects exhibited, from ceramics to accessories, are the products of numerous artists and open a glimpse into Korean culture.


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