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The fascinating wonderful Botanical Gardens at the University of Palermo, an example of inestimable Italian heritage and an architectonic and natural marvel, have been chosen by Ethimo as the evocative setting for some of its most iconic collections. Seen through the lens of photographer Bernard Touillon, in Iconic Gardens Ethimo tells the story of the continuity between materials and shapes that every piece of furniture manages to establish with the natural world that gives it inspiration and substance. Iconic pieces from the Ethimo collection seem to find their natural context, merging harmoniously with the shapes and colours of this almost magically unreal setting, against the magnificent backdrop of extraordinary plants, like giant bamboo, ginkgo biloba, ficus macrophylla, citrus trees and palms.

Under the foliage of more than 400 square metres of the ficus known as the “Garden Giant”, Rafael, the latest collection engendered by the flair of Paola Navone, enhances the solid essence of the wood and the craftsmanship of its manufacture, Esedra by Luca Nichetto stands in a bamboo grove that emphasises its colonial style; the Grand Life collection by Christophe Pillet is embraced in an enchanting timeless mood inside the nineteenth-century greenhouse, and Swing by Patrick Norguet with its repetition of elements becomes a classic piece among the columns of the Gymnasium. Covering ten hectares, these gardens are a unique, special place that expresses the most authentic link between the beauty of nature and the essence of matter, in constant dialogue that stars Ethimo outdoor design as the main player in a garden that makes its mark.

The Italian company Ethimo specialises in high-quality outdoor furnishings and décor, taking its inspiration from the warm, inviting colours of the Mediterranean and the charm of humble, authentic places: its contemporary design collections are made with comfort and practicality in mind and enhance any outdoor area to create sophisticated settings in which to relax and savour the true luxury of free time.

The decisions regarding the company’s production are guided by the selection of materials and the attention to detail, to create unique elements that add an elegant, personal touch to private gardens, exclusive country hotels and sophisticated resorts.

Passion for nature is the driving force behind this entrepreneurial experience. Ethimo itself is set amidst the heady scents and intense colours of the Moutan Botanic Centre, a parkland covering 15 hectares, which is home to the world’s most important collection of peonies. This unique location set amidst the green hills of northern Lazio and Tuscany gave rise to the first nucleus of the collection. Since 2009, our passion for gardens, nature and the most stunning Mediterranean landscapes has inspired a series of collections that capture 40 years of experience in outdoor living and reflect the most up-to-date trends in design.

From private botanic gardens to the most fascinating and prestigious gardens in the world, Ethimo is currently present in over 40 countries and is proud to collaborate with designers of international fame for the creation of its products, and with the best interior designers for its projects, proving itself more and more as an ambassador of the most authentic class of Italian Design.

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