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Felice Limosani

A Matter of Perception: Linking Minds – Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milano

In collaboration with: Diptyque

What is an hour? A precious expanse of time when having a single moment alone is a small miracle. diptyque invites you to discover an unexpected object that celebrates the passage of time. A game of shapes and geometries with different colours for different fragrances, it’s diptyque’s new Hourglass diffuser. Turn to the Hourglass to soothe the soul, to claim a magical moment of scented escape. In its mysterious movement from one end to the other, time passes in step with the cold-diffusion of fragrance. Colour has long been a guest of honour in the diptyque world, announcing its presence through tasteful touches. The Hourglass is made of coloured glass: green, yellow, orange or smoky black, a different hue for each scent.

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