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Life-Size-Acts di Roberto Masotti

Palazzo Litta Cultura – 4 – 11 November 2017
Palazzo Litta

In collaboration with: Ponderosa Music&Art, MIA Photo Fair Projects

In November Palazzo Litta Cultura is part of the cultural schedule of Milan with three events curated by Ponderosa Music&Art and dedicated to jazz, within the second edition of JAZZMI.

Palazzo Litta Cultura confirms the undisciplined approach, welcoming the syncopated rhythm of jazz improvisation: on 4 November opens the exhibition Life-Size-Acts by Roberto Masotti, a path of thirty-four photographic compositions that portray the protagonists of jazz music, especially the most radical, without proposing a traditional shooting canon.

The photographer’s research differs from simple documentation and adopts the characteristics of dynamism of this musical genre, mobile par excellence, with little writing and a lot of improvisation. He then uses a series of panoramic shots that allow him to portray the musicians in full length and, subsequently, elaborates the image with the insertion of details – the hands, a gesture, an instrument – from other photographs, thus distorting every possible static.

Two videos flank the collection: the first retraces part of Roberto Masotti’s vast archive, in which the flow of images joins the sound intervention of Dj Spooky; the second films the musicians as they tell and interpret a jam session.

At 6 pm to introduce the evening, a performance by Cosimo & The Hot Coals with a repertoire dedicated to the musical tradition of New Orleans, hot jazz and overseas swing of the 1920s and 1930s.

On Saturday 11 November a musical performance by Louis Quartet, a formation that alternates the New York sounds of the forties, to move on to the melodies of California in the fifties.

photo credits Valeria Portinari – last picture Roberto Masotti
Life Size Acts
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