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A Matter of Perception: Linking Minds – Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milano

Design, disguised as an animal, dons a magical mask and speaks to us about the life we don’t know how to observe. Linking Animals is an exhibition with multiple layers of fruition. In the foreground are ten experimental physical objects that recall, for subsequent sequences, other projects, thoughts and words in a polyphonic school representation with interactive projections that expose the fictional metaphor of an animal’s connected world in more languages. Prototypes of design workshops, theory and research of the undergraduate and Master’s design degree courses at the University of the Republic of San Marino are also on display, including: instruments and interfaces for the blind and visually impaired; a rescue device for safety at sea; a protective and interactive mask for fire evacuation; a scenic bird mask; serigraphy experimentation; an interactive agricultural cockpit between animal, man and nature; coding at a preschool age; process design for an ecowool chain; and data visualisation of migration flows.

Curated by: Alessandra Bosco, Davide di Gennaro, Sergio Menichelli, Riccardo Varini and Michele Zannoni.
Students: Giuseppe D’Ambrosio, Mattia Brigliadori, Tobia Marconi, Jari Lunghi, Lorella Camellina, Andrea Ceccaroni, Vittorio Solleciti, Federica Campanelli, Margherita Cucchi, Beatrice Cavani, Federica Falciasecca, Enrico Zavatta

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