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Nicolò Friedman, Gustavo Martini, Lucas Neves and Leo Di Caprio

A Matter of Perception: Linking Minds – Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milano

In collaboration with: AuCap

AuCap is a design brand that uses Brazilian materials and inspiration to carry out business worldwide. Cross Collection crosslinks the minds, lands and experiences of four designers. Inspired by indigenous thrones, Italian designer Nicolò Friedman’s Yvy transits between armchair and chair, ‘breaking’ the construction process to create new geometric forms and shapes. It is made of Péroba do Campo wood, brass and fabric from Brazil. Originally a surfer, snowboarder and designer from Rio de Janeiro, the Milan-based Gustavo Martini’s cabinet collection is made of the Portuguese stones used on the famous Copacabana and Ipanema sidewalks of his hometown. The stones were transformed using a laser cutter, with the final surface sculpted and lacquered. Creative director of AuCap, Italian-Brazilian designer Leo Di Caprio’s Pablona work/dining table and Pablinas side tables reference the oval tree trunks of Brazil’s forests. Made in the pure azul macaúba (a blue Brazilian quartz stone that only occurs in the city of Macaúba) and iron coated with gold paint, the oval shapes interact and multiply to evoke the sense of a forest. Time Flies by São Paulo designer Lucas Neves is a floor clock reconceptualised for multimedia times, and emphasising the need for greenery in home comfort and personalisation. Made in brass and wood, it has a plant vase as a pendulum and a speaker in its body, as well as the basic function of a clock.

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