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Matteo Ragni

A Matter of Perception: Tradition&Technology – Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milano

In collaboration with: Linvisibile

Where does the beauty rise from? The installation celebrates the fruitful contrast generated between the opposites, mimesis and contrast, getting in touch with the location that hosts it. Outside it looks like a camouflage volume covered with mirrors in order to reflect the magnificent beauty of the interiors of Palazzo Litta, only one element is designed in strong contrast: the majestic 3 mt high pivoting door, made in brass, perfectly flush-to-wall, expression of LINVISIBILE know-how in matter oftechnology. Inside, the visitor is guided through an experience based on perceptive deception and joyful estrangement. Thanks to a combination of mirrors and wallpaper, which reproduces the external walls of the hall, thevisitor will be guided within an area without boundaries, that multiplies infinitely in a landscape of other doors, others thresholds, others spaces. The chandelier, pre-existing in the area, is enclosed by the installation and becomes the protagonist with his reflexes. The majestic entrance door, as well as thedouble exit door, are this time completely camouflaged with the walls that house them, emphasizing once again the quality of the details of LINVISIBILE manufacturing system. One last detail, apparently weightless, to emphasize the concept of an invisible but tangible beauty, is an essence that will accompany the visitor in its installation experience.

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