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Industry+, Spektacularis and KIMU Design

A Matter of Perception: Linking Minds – Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milano

In collaboration with: Industry+, Spektacularis and KIMU Design

Matter and Muse features the work of Industry+ (Singapore), Spektacularis (Philippines) and KIMU Design (Taiwan). It showcases contemporary design made using traditional craft, forms inspired by production techniques, and concepts that push the boundaries of materials. The work embodies a subtle Asian aesthetic. Designed by Asians who have worked and lived in various parts of the world, the pieces reflect nuances of their culture with an international flavour. Designers have reinterpreted everyday objects using ordinary materials such as glass, metal, bamboo-weave and wood, and the manufacturing techniques and artisanal craft common to various parts of Asia. In this sense, ‘matter’ indicates the fascination with the tangible world such as material, nature and craft. ‘Muse’ refers to thought and inspiration from people, culture, technique and philosophy.

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