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Palazzo Litta
Corso Magenta 24, Milan
14-19 April 2015

In partnership with DAMn°

Mosca Partners and DAMN° have joined forces to occupy Palazzo Litta during Milan Design Week, along with some of the main international players on the design stage. One of the most anticipated events in the busy Fuorisalone programme will take place at Quartiere 5 VIE in Corso Magenta 24, at Palazzo Litta, a fascinating example of Lombard Baroque architecture in the city centre. Inside the palace, Mosca Partners and DAMN° are assembling a selection architects, designers, and corporate partners, to express themselves under one theme: Materials. A Matter of Perception, which is all about the origin of concepts; how materials affect and define an object or an idea, with the purpose of looking at things in everyday life in a different way.

Projects by: [Click on the name to open the related project] Michele De Lucchi and Andrea Branzi, M.A.D.E, Waldick Jatobá, Fernando & Humberto Campana, Marcio Kogan, Emmanuel Babled, Mario Trimarchi, Ben Storms, Jasper Morrison, Studio Irvine, Hans J. Wegner, Lucie Koldova, Design Memorabilia.

Partners: Arkof, Delta Light, Design Memorabilia, Gaggenau, Krehky Prague, Leftover Guidobono, Made a Milano/ Brasilian Selection, Matteo Brioni, Oikos, PP Møbler, Punkt, Tribù, XAM

Tecnical partners: Capoferri, Casone, Delta Light, EternoIvica, Ethimo, Inalco, Milestone, Republic of Fritz Hansen


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